Need to give your rifle a new lease of life? Want to improve your chances of actually hitting what you're aiming at? Perhaps it's time to upgrade?

Below you'll find pricing for standard, advanced upgrades as well as our premium up grades.  The price seems high, right?

Feel free to compare our parts pricing with other leading brands such as Laylax and PDI and you'll notice we are far cheaper. Who really want's to pay £300 for a Trigger and Cylinder with still money to spend on remaining necessary parts? Well with us you don't have to, and without sacrificing quality! All our parts are either made by us right here in the UK or by Airsoft Pro in Europe.

Below the parts pricing you'll find an FAQ section which may help answer any queries you may have. we do also offer upgrade packages that include other brand parts but we will let you know in advance what parts these are.

If you wish to take advantage of our upgrade services please simple purchase the package you require below and send your rifle to us here at ASPUK, Unit B2 Old Station Drive, Sheffield, S7 2PY and we will be expecting it.  When complete we will email you to let you know and it will be shipped back to you, A long with a full report and a service manual to keep the providence of the rifle and authenticity that it has been upgraded by us.

We Upgrade The Following rifles 

Please click on your rifle from the list below to see the upgrade packages that best suits you.



Well MB-02

Well MB-03

Cyma 701

Well MB-01 

Maruzen APS2 

Well MB-08

Well MB-05



Well MB-4404 to 4414

AK SVD Dragunov

SW M24

Cyma 700

Cyma 702

Ares Striker 

Well MB-06

ASG Urban Sniper 

Well MB-13


What's the difference between standard and advanced upgrades?


With the VSR the standard upgrade is the minimum you'll need to make your rifle reliable at high velocities. It will also give you the range and accuracy you'll need to hit those targets at 80-90m.

The advanced upgrade includes a steel cylinder and cylinder head. The cylinder offers more reliability and will not bend or warp whilst the cylinder head has a tapered inner nozzle and rubber o-ring which helps offer a more consistent shot. Combined we've notice this setup is a little quieter than the standard upgrade.

The advanced plus package simply adds a TB barrel.

Notice there is no 'standard' upgrade package for the TM Version? This is because the TM cylinders are sealed with a pin. New models also have the cylinder crimped to permanently seal the cylinder thus a new cylinder IS required.

I would like some additional parts installed as part of my upgrade....

That's fine, we'll install anything that's available from our webstore. The additional cost will be that of the parts only. You will not be charged additional labour costs. Simply check the current pricing on our webstore and add it to our upgrade pricing.

How long does it take?

Usually around 7-10 working days, usually sooner but at busy times it could be upto 14 working days. We like to test each rifle before returning it.

Posting my rifle to you.....

Please ensure you used a reliable, 'tracked' service which is insured. We cannot be held responsible if your rifle doesn't appear on our doorstep. Please include a note with agreed upgrade package to be installed along with your contact details and return postal address.

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