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L96 Air Seal Hop unit.Suitable for Warrior, Well, Mauser & Maruzen versions 1, 2 & 3.A high precision replacement hop-up unit based on the Hexagon design. Full metal construction for better durability. Hop up unit designed for Well MB-01 series, compatible with G21 and G22 series, MB-04, 05, 06, MB-08, 13, 14 and Barett M99 Snow Wolf.Designed to use AEG Hop Up bucking and AEG Inner barrel. O-ring sealed front and rear, Maximum air-seal!! "To fit this hop unit you will need the following:1. AEG Barrel2. AEG Hop bucking and nubThe metal lever has prongs which you'll need to place an AEG hop nub into before assembling. See install guide below.We recommend TM AEG Hop BuckingFor Install Guide see: tallinstructions.htmTIP: The red straw that comes with WD40 cans works really well as a nub and lifts 0.40g bbs - just saying :)

L96 Air Seal Hop Chamber Mk2L96 Air Seal Hop Chamber (Airsoft Pro)

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